China Elevator Stories

by Ruth Silbermayr


“These conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always well-written and indicative of what living in China is truly like. This is social and cultural commentary in its purest form.”

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“Here’s a blogger whose point of view differs from other bloggers, because she doesn’t just limit herself to words. Ruth’s China is as a colorful mosaic of illustrations, drawings, pictures and words; a joyful voyage combining art, technology and the one-of-a-kind approach of a very talented young lady, who made China her home. China Elevator Stories is one of the most unique blogs about China.”

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Knocked Up Abroad Again: Baby bumps, twists, and turns around the globe (anthology by Lisa ferland)

Knocked Up Abroad Again - Ruth Silbermayr-Song

Twenty-five women experience both love and heartbreak as they bring their babies into this crazy beautiful world.

Imagine receiving a kit in the mail with everything you’ll need for your Dutch midwife to safely deliver your baby at home. Imagine overhearing the nurses in China talking bluntly about your medical status because they don’t think you understand Chinese. Imagine giving birth to your three children in three different countries, each with unique approaches, superstitions, and medical practices.

Chapter 10: You should have a baby boy (by Ruth Silbermayr-Song)

Chinese money - illustrations Ruth Silbermayr
Chinese woman - illustration Ruth Silbermayr
Red envelope - illustration Ruth Silbermayr

what a hoover sounds like

Both my ex-husband and my ex-boyfriend hoovered me frequently.

the 9 most common reasons for divorce in china

The reasons why couples divorce can differ from country to country.

micromanagement limits your independence (and so do certain men)

Another boundary violation = another post.

some dating apps will not allow you to take pictures of conversations

Many dating apps block the option to take a screenshot of a conversation.

three video calls

I have finally been able to reconnect with my children in video calls.

northeast china’s road less traveled: visiting the north korean border near ji’an

We follow the Yalu River and catch sight of North Korea’s sixth largest city, Manpo.

“what are you harvesting?”

I come across a woman working in the rice paddies at Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces.


From Yunnan's mountaintops to Northeast China's plains - pre Covid, travel in China was both easy and enjoyable.

Tagong Monastery, Sichuan Province - Ruth Silbermayr
Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces - Ruth Silbermayr
Arxan Mountain Range, Inner Mongolia - Ruth Silbermayr
Ulan Hot, Inner Mongolia - Ruth Silbermayr
Changchun University, Jilin province - Ruth Silbermayr
Shaxi Old Town, Yunnan province - Ruth Silbermayr