articles on china elevator stories

216. have you found it hard to prove domestic violence?

Once I started to talk about my experience, most people tried to refute the idea that I had experienced domestic violence in my relationship.

215. wood, fire, earth, metal and water

In China, a person’s birth element is calculated after birth.

214. comet

I come across a song by Udo Lindenberg and Apache 207 called ‘Komet’.

213. "i'm simply going for a walk"

I find myself being followed by a stranger in Austria.

212."some of our clients would turn away from our salon"​

I chat with a hairdresser in Vienna.

211. custody proceedings have finally started

I have applied for sole custody in 2022.

210. a single phone call

I try to find out my children’s whereabouts but don’t receive the necessary help.

209. many children in china suffer parental alienation by a grandparent

Unlike the EU, China does not recognize parental alienation as a form of emotional child abuse.

208. my mother-in-law stole my children

A mother’s custodial rights are not sufficiently protected in China.

207. I'm not shy

I often receive criticism for being an introvert.

206. being stalked by my ex

After an occurence in 2020, I realize I had been stalked by my ex.

205. the day I left China

When I left China in 2019, I never thought I would not see my children again.

204. my ex-husband's false accusations

I am served with divorce papers in spring 2022.

203. the vienna chamber of lawyers

When perpetrators are protected by institutions, victims don’t stand a chance.

202. my ex husband's smear campaigns

My ex has tried to ruin my reputation.

201. blaming the victim

I have been victim blamed for many years.