about the author

A small village located in Austria’s Alpine foothills is where I grew up. It had beautiful mountain views and the sun setting behind the snow capped mountains of the Alps seen in the distance was soothing for the soul. I moved to cities across Austria in my teens and adulthood. My love for the Chinese language would take me to live in Kunming in the southwest, to Shenzhen right across the border from Hong Kong and to Siping, located in the middle of the Songliao Plain in China.

I studied Graphic Design from 2001-2006, and graduated from the University of Vienna with a Bachelor’s degree in Sinology in 2011.

My work experience includes working for an internationally acclaimed architect’s firm, working as an illustrator in an advertising agency and as a translator for Chinese, English, and German, among others.

The 2010s saw me start my blog China Elevator Stories, teach German at a Chinese university, and become the mother of two beautiful children. I moved back to Europe four years ago.

Ruth Silbermayr-Song

about the blog


This blog was born on November 11, 2012. I had just moved to China a few months prior. The idea to start a blog presented itself after having had various conversations with Chinese strangers in Shenzhen, the fourth largest city in China.

early childhood

At the end of 2012, I started a relationship with a Chinese guy from Northeastern China, whom I married in 2013. The beginning of our relationship, and my pregnancy with our first son in 2014, forms the early childhood phase of my blog.

middle childhood

The years 2015-2017 mark another chapter of this blog. I had moved to Siping in Northeast China, living in close proximity to my former in-laws. I had also settled into being a mom, and became pregnant with my second son, born 2016.

late childhood

My blog was taken from the web in 2017 by my Chinese ex-husband without prior notice. It stayed offline until 2022.

early adolescence

The years 2022-2023 mark yet another chapter in my life and on my blog. I have moved back to Austria from China in 2019 and have separated from my Chinese ex-husband.