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Some Dating Apps Will Not Allow You to Take Pictures of Conversations

Many dating apps block the option to take a screenshot of a conversation.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


Some dating apps will not allow you to take pictures of conversations. In the app I used, taking a screenshot of your own profile was possible, but taking a screenshot of a conversation was blocked.

This makes it harder to send the wife of the man who is flirting with you on a dating app a screenshot of the conversation, when you want to inform her that her husband has been trying to cheat on her.

And it makes it harder to prove, for example – to the police, that you have indeed been harassed by certain people.

When I tried to take a screenshot yesterday, I couldn’t, because this option was blocked in the app. I then tried to record the screen, but the screen recording app automatically blacked out all chats.

The next step I took was to ask someone for their phone, to then take a short video and pictures of the messages I received. If you have to prove harassment but have not been able to because the app has blocked this option, this is the way to go.

Would dating apps become safer if you could take a screenshot of conversations? I believe they would. When people feel safe enough and know the other person can’t make a screenshot when they are being disrespectful, chances are they’ll be either more respectful or that disrespectful men don’t sign up on apps that allow screenshots to be taken in the first place.

I understand that people want to protect their privacy while writing, but in the case of harassment or rape, being able to take a screenshot of a conversation so a woman then has proof of what was written can be helpful.

Have you ever been on a dating app?

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