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Saying 'No' To A Narcissist

When I say ‘no’ to Joris, he’ll punish me for saying no.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


One day I said no, and Joris punished me. Then I said no on another day, and Joris punished me again. I said no 100,000 times, and he punished me horrifically 100,000 times.

This is a person who cannot accept a no.

It is important to me that others respect my boundaries. In my opinion, boundaries aren’t that hard to respect. However, people have become more disrespectful, especially men towards women, in recent years. I don’t remember a time when male dominance was this bad in Austria.

When our no’s are ignored repeatedly, it weakens our voice.

It may also lead to more dangerous situations in the future where our voice may be blocked because people have not allowed us to say no, to stick to our no’s, to have our no’s heard, or to have a voice.

Let me repeat: No, Joris.

What you are trying to impose on me does not reflect the reality of what is truly happening. The drama you’ve brought into my life is not what I want. The drama you create is just that—drama; it is not reality. Step up, take accountability, or leave me alone.

I don’t want to have this harassment in my life ever again. Stop it and stop it now.

Have you ever been disrespected by a man?

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