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I Am Saying No To Allowing Another Person To Rape My Soul

The sociopathic stalker is still trying to force me into a non-consensual relationship with him.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


The sociopathic stalker who is still stalking me has upped his efforts of gaslighting me into submission and has been intimidating me so I would hand over my privacy to him.

These days, he has also been working hard at trying to change my core beliefs.

You may be familiar with core beliefs. Many people work on changing their own core beliefs so that they will become more positive. For example, if you are your family’s scapegoat, one of your core beliefs could be that you are unworthy, that you deserve to be treated abysmally, or that you deserve the bad things that happened to you. If you are not an evil person, then your core belief should be in accordance with what it would be in reality: That you are a worthy human being who did not deserve what happened to you.

For some of us, another person’s core beliefs can be sensed by simply looking at them. For example, if a person feels unloved, if you are attentive, you may see that they carry this core belief within them in the way that they look or talk.

We are never allowed to change another person’s core beliefs if the other person has not permitted us to do so.

People who work as life coaches and who are not conscious enough or do not mirror themselves correctly, such as the sociopathic stalker who is trying to force me to allow him to rape me – quite literally – by what he has been saying to me, can push their clients into the role of the ‘identified patient’. This means that the life coach will project issues onto the client that the client does not have (!). Why would a life coach do this? Because this would allow him not to have to face his own issues. This is especially great for life coaches who are narcissists who try to force their clients into dependencies towards them.

I have not asked this person for a session. Still, he has invited himself into my life over and over again, thereby forcing me into a non-consensual relationship with him.

He is trying to change my core beliefs all of the time.

Let me give you an example. When a woman says she doesn’t like a man, and she carries this core belief that she doesn’t like him, this man should not change her core belief into: “She likes me.” This is immoral, and it is a breach of a rule life coaches like him have to adhere to, which is that they will only work in alignment with what another person has said yes to, has asked them to do and has allowed them to do.

Any other work is what would otherwise be referred to as proxy healing, only that in this case, it is the opposite of healing because these are projections.

Now, if someone changes a few of the core beliefs I have that have changed into a negative back into a positive, such as people projecting onto me that I am not lovable because of what happened to me (therefore creating this core belief within me) back into “I am lovable despite of what happened to me”, I do not mind if a person who has experience of changing core beliefs back into their original form does this when I have allowed them to do so.

But if a person like him does so, this is not something that I would have consented to and it is something a life coach has no permission to do.

Obviously, this sociopath doesn’t change my core beliefs back into their original, neutral state. He is too Machiavellian for that and usually has an agenda attached to everything he does. Instead, he manipulates my core beliefs in a negative way that is intended to break my will and is intended to transfer me into a state of being where I can not say ‘no’ to what I would usually say ‘no’ to.

I see this as a sole rape – because it feels like your soul is being raped when another person does this against your will and when they were not only not given consent to do so but were forbidden to do so.

When a life coach works in this way, it is outright abuse. It is an abuse of power and trying to brainwash another person constitutes psychological abuse. If you have ever encountered a life coach who works in this manner, please stay away.

Has a life coach ever tried to brainwash you?

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