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"no drama song"

One of the songs Joris has written for me is called “No Drama Song”.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I didn’t realize that Joris was singing about me in his songs even though I was familiar with quite a few of them. One line in his song “No Drama Song” goes like this:

But everyone I used to like
has suddenly changed.

(Doch alle, die ich gern’ hab’
Haben sich irgendwie verändert)

"No Drama Song"

It has been one hell of a ride these past few years where people around me have become so brainwashed that trying to make them see that they were being triangulated against me by narcissists and their flying monkeys has been really hard.

These past few years, living in Austria has felt like living in an institution, only that crazy people are not being institutionalized but are allowed to roam the streets freely! (There would not be enough institutions for crazy people anyways).

If you were the target of one or more malignant narcissists, you may be familiar with people around you suddenly changing and rejecting you when you didn’t even do anything to cause such a change. It is what commonly happens when a narcissist triangulates and turns people against you.

Those who used to be close to you may suddenly distance themselves from you, attack you, start to compete with you, or become your rivals instead of your friends. They may decline their help when that help would be really needed, for example, in order to keep you safe from real harm.

These are all things I have experienced.

Even though it is painful when this happens, it doesn’t have to have anything to do with who you are as a person.

What can you do when this happens to you?

 In my experience, there is nothing you can do to stop this. If others don’t want to stay friendly or kind, this is the choice they made.

Have you ever had your relationships destroyed by a narcissist?

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