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Cyber bullying

All of the cyber bullying I have experienced came from men.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


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Right after I had written my last post about a stalker who has been trying to get into a relationship with me for a few years in a row and has threatened that he would kill me various times after I declined his advances, I found myself being locked out of my blog.

Fortunately, I realized this had happened and could get access to my blog immediately after I realized someone had logged me out of my blog from within. The hacker must have been logged into my blog while I was writing my article so he could then throw me out.

Because I had been writing up a draft for a post about this person that I was just about to publish and because he has logged into my accounts in the past with spyware, I assume it must have been him who locked me out of my own blog in an effort to try and stop me from publishing a post about him.

It is common for a narcissist to instill a fear in their victim of repercussions when they speak up against the abuse they have experienced. “You are telling the truth of what I did to you? I will harass you, intimidate you, and make it impossible for you to bring the truth to light”, is a common response of abusers.

Have you ever experienced cyber bullying?

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