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a sick person's gaslighting

I have been gaslit by a sociopath who has been trying to create a fake reality in my life.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


A while after my ex-husband had broken off contact with me, Jakob Albrecht, the sociopathic stalker who won’t stop stalking and harassing me, contacted me. He told me that my ex-husband had been murdered and my children had been flown out to Germany with the help of the Austrian embassy. He told me that they had been adopted by his father so they could be kept safe.

Because I had not told him my ex-husband had broken off all contact, and since I wasn’t able to get any information about what had happened – as weird as this seems – I initially believed him.

The reason why I did was also because I had no clue that this was a narcissist back then. It took another person who knew this person to tell me.

Now, there is a big difference between a person who cruelly gaslights another person and a person who has been severely gaslit and repeats the gaslighter’s lies, believing them to be true.

Have you ever been gaslit?

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