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“You Can’t Like Her Too Much”

A TCM doctor in Shenzhen diagnoses me with a weak spleen.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I see a TCM doctor in Shenzhen. My husband accompanies me.

When the doctor is done with feeling my pulse, looking at my tongue, and with asking questions about my symptoms, she diagnoses me with a weak spleen. 

She gives me suggestions on what I should and shouldn’t eat: “You shouldn’t eat any sweets and fruits, except for sugar apples and guava, both of which are recommended . Cold dishes and raw vegetables are not suitable for someone with a weak spleen. You shouldn’t drink cold water. Warm or hot water is better. You can eat rice and things like Mantou (馒头, Chinese steamed buns). Eggs are also okay. Boiled eggs, tea eggs and steamed eggs in particular are good for you. Taking vitamins is also a good idea.”

After having finished giving me recommendations, she looks at my fiancé and tells him: “You can’t like her too much.”

I have never heard somebody use this expression before, but I realize she is implying we shouldn’t have too much sex; it’s supposed to be harmful if you have a weak spleen.

Have you ever had a doctor tell you anything like this?

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