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when psychic abilities are misunderstood and labelled as schizophrenia​

Many people have psychic abilities.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


Many people have psychic abilities. Because it is common for people who do not have these abilities to believe that these abilities do not exist, they are often mislabelled as schizophrenia.

In 2009, I was studying in Kunming in China’s Southwest. One of the other students, Maggie, told us one evening when a few of us were having dinner at an Indian restaurant: “My grandmother’s higher self appeared to me last week to tell me goodbye. She passed away the following day.”

In 2012, one of my former high school friends passed away after jumping from a building in Vienna. I visited her grave together with her fiancé a few months after her death while on a visit to Austria. He told me that she had started to hear voices before she took her life.

People in Austria usually believe that this is schizophrenia, but these are actually psychic abilities.

Another such occurrence where I heard about a person who has psychic abilities was in 2018 and happened a few months before I was leaving China for good.

My co-worker, a woman my age who taught English at Jilin Normal University and often took the bus back home from Changchun with me, told me about another teacher who had other people’s higher selves appear to her: “One of the other teachers can see the higher self of others. Many of her family members’ higher selves have appeared to her.”

Because I know many people who have these abilities, to me, these skills are completely normal. But people who have these abilities often don’t talk about their experiences, because if they do, they will frequently be ostracized by their families and society.

Do you have psychic abilities?

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