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The waste area of my compound burned down yesterday

This is the second time since 2020 that a building right next to where I live has burned down.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


Usually, the last thing that comes to mind when a building burns down is that this could be your ex-husband trying to kill you. And I do have to say that this could be a complete coincidence. But what if it isn’t?

Let me recap what happened a few years ago:

After I moved to Austria from Germany, I lived in an apartment I shared with my brother, my sister and her former husband in Vienna’s 7th district.

Fire - Ruth Silbermayr

One day when I was home alone, my sister called. She told me that a fire had broken out in a café that had been located right next to our apartment and asked me if I was okay. 

They had to stay outside for a few more hours because the whole street had been closed down by the fire department and people were asked to stay away. A few hours later we could see the destruction that had been caused. The whole café, which was rather huge, had burned down.

I had already forgotten this incident until yesterday, when suddenly, the waste area where I live had burned down.

Fire - Ruth Silbermayr

I was staying home until noon yesterday. I had closed my windows in the morning because it had smelled like smoke. I thought somebody was making a barbecue and didn’t think much about it. The smell of barbecue is often in the air in spring or summer.

When I left my apartment to go and buy groceries, I realized the whole waste area had burned down. I asked one of my neighbours whom I met at the bus stop about the incident, and she told me that someone had called the fire department in the morning, which is why the firefighters could prevent the fire from spreading to the other buildings on this premise.

Fire - Ruth Silbermayr

The video calls between me and my children, which now usually take place on Saturdays, didn’t happen yesterday.

I had shown my children the area where I live in a few of the video calls we had in the past.

In my first video call with my children, I was going home from work. My ex-husband, who is sitting in the background when he is home with our children, watches our video calls. He could see the exact area.

He usually controls our whole communication during the calls. Whenever I say something he doesn’t like, he’ll force our children to hang up immediately. He also sends our children away during the calls or stops them from talking by interrupting them in the background.

The video calls and the conversations with my children have therefore been very chaotic and hard! Moreover, the calls have become shorter and shorter.

While our first video call was still 60 minutes long, as has been ordered by the court, the second and the third calls were already only 45 minutes long. The next calls were cut to 25 minutes, and the last call was only 11 minutes long.

The calls are also only taking place once a week, and not twice, as ordered by the court.

Instead of calling at the agreed-upon time, my ex-husband has also decided to have the calls whenever he wants to have them instead.

Have you ever been targeted by a narcissist?

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