China Elevator Stories

The Last Days Of Fall, The Beginning Of Winter

I start work at a Chinese company in Shenzhen, where I meet my future husband.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


At the beginning of winter 2012, I start working in an advertising agency in Shenzhen. I am seated next to Y, a Chinese guy in his early 30s, who is originally from Northeast China. I love working for this company as an illustrator. I also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the company. Another reason that makes working in the advertising agency fun is Y, who I love to joke with.

We seem to share a connection that goes beyond sharing the same sense of humor. He would accompany me to a market selling handicrafts, one weekend. Another time, he suggests, we could open our own little online shop. He tells me he hadn’t felt very happy in recent months, until we met.

Before Christmas, he gives me a Christmas card written in English, that reads: “Lots of love, xxx, Y.” He says he didn’t initially know what the ‘xxx’ on the card means and that it took him a while to find out the meaning.

Have you ever dated a Chinese guy?

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