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Stalkers Can Be Delusional, And They Are certainly Dangerous

The sociopath who stalks me seems to be schizophrenic.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


Experts point to the fact that stalkers are often delusional. The sociopathic stalker who has been stalking me for over 3 years certainly is (which makes him more dangerous, not less dangerous).

I also believe he is schizophrenic.

For example, if you watch a video where a person speaks on YouTube, he’ll act as though he is this person and that he is this person speaking. He’ll then think that this is cool, and that he is cool because he is now ‘famous’ and just as ‘great as these people’.

There seems to be no understanding that he is not these people and that this kind of behavior would not only be considered embarrassing by almost everyone else, but also insane.

Have you ever been stalked by a schizophrenic man?

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