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“Remember To Wear A Comfortable Bra”

My mother-in-law sends me a message.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


The evening before the day of having our pre-wedding pictures taken in Shenzhen, my MIL-to-be sends me a message:

“Dear Ruth, since you’re going to take pictures tomorrow, I hope that you can rest early today. Remember to wear a comfortable bra and to rest if you feel tired while taking pictures. Also, take care of your bags and belongings. You two are made for each other; we hope that you can show your happiness and let them take pictures of this most beautiful time of your youth. Wishing you two good luck. Auntie”

Have you ever received a similar text message?

Explanation: Wedding pictures are often taken before the actual wedding in China. The groom and the bride will book a photo shoot at a photo studio, borrow a few dresses there, and choose a few locations for the photo shoot. These might include: Out-door settings like the beach, mountains or parks with flowers and in-door settings that often mimic European-style or Chinese-style houses. Some Chinese will even fly to other destinations in China or abroad to have their wedding photo shoot taken.

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