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My Mother-In-Law And The Crazy Foreigners

A few weeks before our wedding, my mother-in-law takes a train to Beijing to help us apply for documents we need for our wedding.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


Meanwhile, my fiancé and I are both at work in Shenzhen, waiting for her to report back about any progress she makes at the Austrian Embassy in Beijing.

Since this is her first time visiting the capital of China, she also decides to visit the Great Wall, which is close-by. After having visited it, she sends my fiancé pictures. When my fiancé shows me the pictures, I have to start laughing. The pictures not only show my mother-in-law with the Great Wall. They also show foreigners with freaky hairstyles right next to her making grimaces, having the time of their life.

I ask my fiancé if she has asked them to take pictures with her. To my surprise, it was not my MIL who wanted to take pictures with the foreigners. The foreigners jumped into her pictures, not letting her take a picture with only her and the Great Wall.

Has anyone ever taken pictures with you like this?

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