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indirect communication is bad communication

Indirect communication and passive-aggressive behavior can be a barrier to solving problems.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


The singer I used to date does a lot of catcalling and uses a lot of vulgar language.

Personally, I do not like this at all. Imagine him telling you that you are a whore, a slut, and throwing lots of other swear words at you when he is in a bad mood (which is every day). That’s not a nice thing to say, and I don’t like to hear these swear words, especially if they are not the truth.

Even though he has a good mastery of the German language (which is evident in the lyrics he writes), he is a really bad communicator in real life! He is one of the worst communicators I have come across, particularly when it comes to finding a solution for real problems.

His communication is usually indirect, and he communicates in a very passive aggressive way. This does not allow much space for talking things out or for conflict resolution.

Have you ever asked a person to communicate more healthily?

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