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I received my divorce decree

I am now officially divorced.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


5 January 2024 was one of the best days in years for me!

I finally received my divorce decree. My ex-husband has been found guilty by the judge. This came as a real surprise!

A lot of hard work went into preparing for the divorce. It was almost like working an extra full-time job.

Ruth Silbermayr

I put in many hours translating every message my ex-husband has ever sent me on WeChat from Chinese to German, putting together all the evidence (some of which I unfortunately had lost or had not saved back in the days when I thought I would never need this kind of evidence).

My ex-husband has an IQ of 150. He carefully planned a lasting separation of my children from me years ago and prepared the necessary steps of what kind of actions and lies would be needed on his side to cover up the truth.

Proving the truth was therefore much harder than it would have been under normal circumstances.

Have you ever gone through divorce?

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