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Happy New Year of the Dragon!

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Dragon.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


In China, the dragon is considered the most auspicious of the 12 zodiac animals. It is considered so auspicious that the number of people born in China in a year of the dragon is usually higher than in other years.

Many Chinese couples who want to have a baby plan for a birth in the year of the dragon, so their baby will be blessed with the positive characteristics a person born in this year is believed to possess.

吉祥 - Ruth Silbermayr
I used Smarties to write the Chinese characters for "auspicious" (吉祥).

When it comes to what is considered auspicious in a zodiac animal, gender matters. Because the dragon zodiac animal symbolizes power and success, in the eyes of the Chinese, a boy born in the year of the dragon is more favorable than a girl born in the year of the dragon.

People born in the year of the dragon are also considered to be the most suitable world leaders.

2024 is the year of the wood dragon (木龙).

Because there are 12 zodiac animals and 5 Chinese elements, we go through a year of the dragon every 12 years, but we only go through a year of the wood dragon every 60 years.

The next year of the dragon will be in the year 2036, and it will be a year of the fire dragon.

How is the wood dragon said to be different from other dragons?

A wood dragon’s energy is generally mild and carries with it an openness to new ideas and change. Characteristics of creativity and generosity are specific to the wood dragon. Innovative and revolutionary paths are also often taken during wood dragon years.

Happy new year!

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