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Express Mail Boxes

Shenzhen gets new express mail boxes.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


One morning, my husband and I go to the hallway leading to the security guards’ office on the first floor of our building. We stop in front of a series of mail boxes. The mail boxes are different from those you’ll find near the entrance to our building, where every apartment has an associated mail box. The mail boxes here are used for express mail deliveries.

An express mail service company can put the package you’ve ordered into one of the mail boxes (they come in various sizes) and let you know a tracking number. Once the package is locked inside, they’ll send you the number via sms and you can pick it up anytime you want.

With internet shopping booming in China, this is a very useful service. It’s not for free though – the express service company has to pay for using the mail boxes; this and the fact that these mail boxes are only available at bigger apartment complexes are probably the reasons why some of the express delivery companies will still send the package directly to your door step when you’re at home.

Do you have this kind of service where you live?

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