articles on china elevator stories

250. telling the truth

My family has not dealt correctly with the situation I have found myself in.

249. the waste area of my compound burned down yesterday​

This is the second time since 2020 that a building right next to where I live has burned down.

248. the earth rotates around you

When you are dealing with a gaslighter, what is up is down and what is down is up.

247. I guess it was me then

I have experienced a lot of victim blaming by both men and women.

246. I said 'no', you played deaf

After posting my last post, I have been intimidated by the singer.

245. "bully a plant"

Ikea has conducted an experiment where a plant was bullied over a period of time. A sociopath whose advances I have declined has done the same to me.

244. When psychic abilities are misunderstood and labelled as schizophrenia​

Many people have psychic abilities.

243. Thanks for deleting me

Your behavior is certainly teaching our children healthy and stable relationships (I’m kidding, it’s not).

242. Dear Joris, No Hoover Will Ever Heal A Relationship

The German singer Joris used to write songs for me in an effort to hoover me back into a relationship with him.

241. i will not date a person who is insane

Some narcissists coerce you into non-consensual communication and relationships.

240. 6:30 am

I created this short animation in February.

239. i am working at a lovely shop with a café

I really enjoy my work, but there is one downside to it: I have another stalker.

238. When Female Choice Is Being Ignored As Though It Doesn't Exist

I have been harassed for 3 years in a row by a misogynistic man.

237. Stalkers Can Be Delusional, And They Are certainly Dangerous

The sociopath who stalks me seems to be schizophrenic.

236. a sick person's gaslighting

I have been gaslit by a sociopath who has been trying to create a fake reality for me.

235. cultural alienation

I have experienced racism in my relationship with my ex-husband and former in-laws.

234. three video calls

I have finally been able to reconnect with my children in video calls.

233. How Do You Know If Someone Is A Sociopath?

While most of us would imagine a psychopath is the worst kind of person you could come across, in my own experience, sociopaths can be even worse.

232. i am still dealing with a sociopath

Have you ever been used as a porn template by a man?

231. when harassment doesn't stop

When you are dealing with an abuser, the harassment usually doesn’t stop even if you ask the abuser to stop his abuse.

230. parental alienation is not pseudo-science, it's real

In recent years, great efforts have been made to declare parental alienation a pseudo-scientific approach.

229. i received my divorce decree

I am now officially divorced.

228. happy new year of the dragon!

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

227. Chinese words for going to court

Here is a list of Chinese words and phrases you can use if you have to go to court for a divorce.

226. having a mother is not detrimental to kids, but having a father who abuses them is

Courts in Austria frequently give children to their fathers and don’t let women have access to or partake in parenting their own children.

225. A stay in the German countryside

I stay in the German countryside in the summer of 2019.

224. Ruth Silbermayr-Song’s Two Boys Are Being Kept Hidden At An Unbeknownst Address To Her In China By Her Ex

Susan Blumberg-Kason recently published a post about my story on her blog.

223. "the price of shame" by monica lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky talks about being publicly shamed.

222. "telephone"

Court proceedings can be likened to the game “Telephone”.

221. recusing a judge

I tried to recuse a judge on grounds of being biased, but my motions were dismissed.

220. Publishing Posts is risky

People sometimes retaliate against me because of what I publish.

219. the most expensive letter i have ever sent

Sending a letter to the Austrian Constitutional Court costs 240 euros.

218. my electricity bill

Europe is experiencing its worst energy crisis in decades.

217. how i became a “nun” in china

I ended up in a sexless marriage with a cheating husband.

216. i saved a person's life

I see a student sit on a windowsill in Changchun in 2019.

215. have you found it hard to prove domestic violence?

Once I started to talk about my experience, most people tried to refute the idea that I had experienced domestic violence in my relationship.

214. wood, fire, earth, metal and water

In China, a person’s birth element is calculated after birth.

213. "i'm simply going for a walk"

I find myself being followed by a stranger in Austria.

212. "some of our clients would turn away from our salon"

I chat with a hairdresser in Vienna.

211. custody proceedings have finally started

I have applied for sole custody in 2022.

210. a single phone call

I try to find out my children’s whereabouts but don’t receive the necessary help.

209. many children in china suffer parental alienation by a grandparent

Unlike the EU, China does not recognize parental alienation as a form of emotional child abuse.

208. my mother-in-law stole my children

A mother’s custodial rights are not sufficiently protected in China.

207. I'm not shy

I often receive criticism for being an introvert.

206. being stalked by my ex

After an occurrence in 2020, I realize I had been stalked by my ex.

205. the day I left China

When I left China in 2019, I never thought I would not see my children again.

204. my ex-husband's false accusations

I am served with divorce papers in spring 2022.

203. the vienna chamber of lawyers

When perpetrators are protected by institutions, victims don’t stand a chance.

202. my ex-husband's smear campaigns

My ex has tried to ruin my reputation.

201. blaming the victim

I have been victim blamed for many years.