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“You Should Wear Make-Up And Dress Up”

I chat with a hairdresser in Shenzhen.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


“You Should Wear Make-Up And Dress Up”

I’m at the hairdresser’s in Shenzhen.

When the hairdresser is almost done with cutting my hair, he says: “Your hair looks really creative now, doesn’t it?”
I answer: “It does.”
“You know, your hair looks good on you, but you should wear make-up and dress up, like, for example, wear more beautiful clothes and high-heels.”
I tell him: “I’m not going to wear high-heels.”
He asks, surprised: “Oh, you don’t like wearing high-heels?”

Has your hairdresser ever been this blunt with you?

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