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The Beautiful Tomatoes Of Siping

A lady at a market asks me to take pictures of the tomatoes she’s selling.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


One day, my in-laws and I are waiting for my husband at the market in his hometown, Siping. I take a picture of a basket with string beans. When one of the women working at the market sees this, she points at a basket with tomatoes she sells and says:

“Take a picture of these. They are beautiful.”

I don’t object and take a picture, bringing a proud smile to her face.

Another woman sitting right next to her suddenly starts pointing at the salads she sells and says: “Take a picture of these too, they are also really pretty.”

I take another picture.

Then the woman sitting right next to that lady starts pointing at her vegetables, but before this turns into an infinite loop, my husband turns up and I tell the market ladies that I have to leave.

I look at the pictures on the way back home. The lady selling the tomatoes was right, the tomatoes do look great indeed.

Do you like taking pictures?

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