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Publishing Posts is Risky

People sometimes retaliate against me because of what I publish.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I have experienced situations where people retaliated against me when I have written posts.

I will not go into the details here, but let me tell you writing the truth about what is going on in Austria and in my private life has become risky.

I would prefer it if I only had blog readers who read my blog because they like the stories, but in reality I have also amassed a whole bunch of haters I would rather not have in my life.

It is something I did not realize could happen when I first started writing articles in November 2012. I also believe that people, in general, used to be nicer back then, and spilling hatred on the internet and in real life has become a larger issue than it used to be.

I remember meeting up with other writers in Shenzhen, where we read each other’s articles and gave suggestions. People were cordial and nice, as were most of my readers and commenters.

A few years ago, I realized things had changed.

In addition to people who loved my blog, I now also had to deal with people who were jealous of my success and who envied me because I had become the writer of a popular blog.

Have you had negative consequences when you posted articles?

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