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my electricity bill

Europe is experiencing its worst energy crisis in decades.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


This winter, I am sitting at home, heating turned off, so I can save money on electricity. I have stopped using my baking oven and only wash clothes whenever I deem it absolutely necessary.

Europe is experiencing its worst energy crisis in decades, and Vienna’s main electricity provider has started to charge exorbitantly high prices for electricity, starting in 2022.

I woke up one morning this year to an electricity bill with an awfully high number, a number that was much higher than what I had had to pay in previous years.

flat in Austria - Ruth Silbermayr

The first thing I did after seeing the bill was to make sure the letter was real. I went to the electricity provider’s service center to check if there had been a mistake. Upon arrival, I encountered others who had also woken up to incredibly high electricity bills.

Even though my electricity bill exceeds the amount that could be considered a normal sum under different circumstances by a few times, I have to say that I am still lucky compared to another woman who was charged 13,635 euros in electricity costs for a small flat with two rooms.

Have you also had this experience?

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