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I repeat: Leave me alone

Enough is enough.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I will repeat myself to you, Joris:

Stop trying to change me into who I am not. Stop trying to micromanage me. I am not interested in writing this post. But you have become very aggressive and threatening within the last hour, and when I asked you to leave me alone and when I forbade you to offload your hatred, rage and anger onto me, you kept on going and tried to force me to put my blog into maintenance mode and that I needed to keep my mouth shut.

You are so extremely abusive that I will never ever be in a relationship with you again.

These are my words and my words are to be accepted. I am repeating myself again, so you will be able to finally ‘hear’ my words.

Hearing means: These words reach your ears (in this case your eyes), and they are processed correctly in your brain, they are then integrated and turned into the correct energy on the outside. They are reflected back to me in the correct way. Which means: You mirror back to me that our relationship has ended because of your sick behavior, cheating and manipulations. It has not ended because of what I did or did not do. It has ended because of what you did and did not do.

Stop fighting against nature. Nature cannot be gaslighted into ‘not nature’. We are not in a relationship, and you have destroyed this relationship. It has ended because of your actions and because of your behavior.

This is all I have to say. Stop making me repeat myself.

I said I do not allow you to break my will. I said I do not allow you to violate my boundaries. I said I will not repeat myself. I said ‘no’ to being in a relationship with you ever again.

Stop trying to change my mind and stop trying to break my will. It is a ‘no’ and it stays a ‘no’.

You cannot mend what you have irreversibly broken.

Do not sexually harass me, stop shouting and raging at me. Go see a therapist and leave me alone.

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