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How Psychopathy May Show In Language

Certain speech patterns can give away that someone is a psychopath.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


Not every psychopath may speak in the same way, but speech patterns can sometimes give away that someone is a psychopath.

One common speech pattern I have found present within my Chinese ex-husband who is a non-diagnosed psychopath (non-diagnosed because nobody would be able to get him to a psychologist who could diagnose psychopathy for him) is talking about people being murdered or about murder a lot, then implicating that these are either fun instances, or that people deserved to be murdered.

This makes empathetic people uncomfortable because if you are empathetic, you would not think that it is okay for anybody to be murdered, and you would usually also not talk about serious crimes like murder as though they were fun situations.

He will also often implicate that other people are doing or were meaning to do exactly what he is doing. Here is a message he sent me where this shows:

WeChat conversation - Ruth Silbermayr

Him: “So what would you want to do about it? Hire a murderer to kill them?”

We were having a normal conversation about his parents where I asked him to tell his parents to stop their alienation of our children from me.

Usually, if he is commissioning someone to follow me, or if he would be trying to have me murdered, what he would say would be the exact opposite, such as that I was trying to have other people murdered or that I wanted to do them harm, which is the exact speech pattern he used in the message above.

Psychopaths are known to be able to feign empathy without feeling empathy. This means that they can often blend in easily in society and it can mean that others will think they are a good person when actually they are not.

There are many other signs that give away a psychopath. If you have experienced them once, you’ll likely be familiar with these signs and will be able to identify them easily when another psychopath crosses your path in the future.

Have you ever dated a psychopath?

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