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child abuse

I thought that my children would be well taken care of but have found that they were not.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I thought that when I was not with my children, they would at least be taken care of well by their Chinese father and grandparents. I have found in my video calls that this was a wrong assumption.

I am familiar with what abuse looks like in a child. There are certain signs in their body language, in their speech patterns and in their behavior that will give away the extent at which they have been abused.

In the case of my younger son, I have to say, that he looks like he has been through a lot of abuse.

Narcissistic abuse, as I know it, doesn’t only occur sometimes, but a majority of the time over a prolonged period of time. It is a kind of abuse that can completely break a person.

child abuse of my son - Ruth Silbermayr

Now, if you do not know how narcissists abuse and treat their own children, you may think that I am simply imagining this. But this is not about projecting, it is about putting the responsibility where it belongs, which is putting it back onto the abuser.

When I asked my ex how our children were doing, he usually repeated that they were happy every day, that they didn’t miss me at all and that they were also happier without me in their life. He then told me that I should stop disrupting their life and stay out of their life forever.

As of today, he has broken off all contact between me and my children for the second time around. The last day that I could have a call with my younger son was on 11 May 2024.

Have you ever tried to protect your children from abuse?

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