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I come across a song by Udo Lindenberg and Apache 207 called ‘Komet’.


Ruth Silbermayr-Song


The song shows a man who is being found guilty by a jury and a judge at court. 

My ex looks like the identical twin of rapper Apache 207 (the defendant in this video). He used to have the same hairstyle and wear the same style of sun glasses. Even though the singer is German of Turkish descent and not Chinese, like my ex, his skin tone and hair color look exactly the same as well.

I have found that courts seem to have little knowledge about malignant narcissism (which is the knowledge that would be needed to be able to identify if someone is “evil”). And to be honest, perpetrator protection (“Täterschutz”) is so severe in Austria that it would take a lot for a jugde to actually find my ex guilty.

Have you ever been to court?