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Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I really like to have things go with the flow.

Now, I have to say that people have been trying to turn this concept upside-down in my life.

Time, to me, is something that flows easily and does not need to be controlled or managed.

The same is the case with reality.

But others try to control my time and change my reality so it does not align with reality anymore, they try to cut my time into pieces, and they create blocks that are unnatural and can sometimes create extreme scenarios in my life.

Nothing flows when others try to take over and control everything I do.

This is another kind reminder, Joris, that you are in breach of certain universal laws (I call this ‘playing god’) and that you are acting as though you are a victim. I am not your parent, and neither should I have to take on a parenting role for you.

Universal laws are a set of natural, non-man-made and immutable laws, that determine how reality and consequence operate.

One universal law is this:

“Everything in the universe is interconnected. Our actions impact not only us, but ripple out to the world at large. See yourself not as an island, but as an interconnected web.”

You have been trying to declare reality non-existent for a long time now.

I disagree with your opinion, because I am the person who has had the negative effect of your behavior in my life (it was not the other way around).

Have you ever had to deal with an aggressor?

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