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A Day Like A Week Like A Month Like A Year

Even though we have only just met, it feels like my boyfriend and I have known each other for much longer.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


It takes us a week to fall in love with each other. Two weeks to get together. On the weekend of the third week we are sitting on the carpet in my boyfriend’s apartment, holding hands and laughing, both incredulous over the fact that it had been only a week since we got together. It could have been two weeks; it could have been a month. Maybe even longer.

Song Yang and Ruth Silbermayr a day like a week like a month like a year

He proposes to me, after having known me for only four weeks, on a trip to Nanning in Guangxi province. I answer with a non-hesitating yes. My boyfriend is surprised that I don’t ask for more time and that he asked a girl to marry him after knowing her for roughly a month.

He hasn’t prepared a ring, so I ask him to make one for me. His first attempt at making a ring for me isn’t very successful. After we buy fruits to celebrate our engagement, we therefor look for a Café to sit down. We find a hostel and while waiting for our coffee in the common area, he makes me a diy ring out of a 10 Yuan bill that has a heart on it.

He promises me to buy me a real ring in Hong Kong, but for the time being, I am more than happy with my 10 Yuan engagement ring.

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