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“23 Years Ago, My Mother Gave Birth To My Older Sister”

A Chinese friend shares this birth story with me.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


For Christmas Eve, I’d like to share a very special story with you. Here goes:

One of my friends has grown up in Yunnan’s remote countryside. She tells me about her older sister’s birth:

“23 years ago, my mother gave birth to my older sister. When my sister was born, she didn’t move. Everyone thought that she was dead. They put her in some clothes and laid her down on a table.

There was no ultrasound in my village, so my mother was surprised when the pain suddenly started again. She lay down once more and I was born. Up until that moment, my parents didn’t know they would have twins.

By that time, my older sister hadn’t moved for an hour.

When I was born, they put me right next to her. Suddenly my sister started to cry. My parents later said that she had been waiting for me.”

This is wishing you happy holidays.

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