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stop your harassment

The abuse I have suffered at the hands of malignant narcissists is horrible.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I will repeat this here, simply because you don’t seem to get it:

Your behaviour towards me is disrespectful, Joris – stop abusing me.

Stop your threats, stop hacking into my accounts, stop destroying my life, stop everything you are doing to make my life miserable. I have not been able to enjoy a single day of my life for over many years now because I have been abused daily, and whoever knows what narcissistic abuse is like knows that this kind of abuse is one of the most horrible things anyone could ever have to go through.

Contrary to what some may believe, narcissism is not uncommon, but very widespread.

For every step I make, there will be huge blocks put into my way by narcissists, and this includes you.

Your putdowns, your talking about topics I am not interested in, your abuse, your hate-filled behaviour is not appreciated here.

I do not like it if you bombard me with your negative emotions.

Your vibration is way too low for me to enjoy being around you, and being stalked by a sick person who doesn’t take accountability is no fun!

Leave me alone.


Here is some background information:

When Joris first got in touch with me, I had only known a few of his songs (three, to be exact).

I hadn’t watched any of his interviews and I did not realize he was a malignant narcissist in the beginning. If you watch the interview above, you may be able to identify him as a psychopath/narcissist easily. Obviously, he first tried to hide that he was a narcissist, even though he knows that this is who he is.

Even though he is a narcissist – because he is evil, he also knows how evil people think and act and often helps me when a malignant narcissist enters my life to try and destroy it!

This is a two-edged sword. I need this kind of help, but I also really don’t need his abuse in my life.

He is a psychopath and a covert narcissist (which is easy to spot in hindsight, but it was not obvious to me back then).

Because my ex-husband is an overt narcissist, an overt narcissist would have been much easier to spot for me simply because I was being familiar with how an overt narcissist would present himself, but not with how a covert one would act.

Narcissism is not a topic I am too interested in, even though it may seem like it because I have blogged about it quite a bit. It was a topic I had to learn about in depth because I have been targeted by a lot of narcissists in my life and this has been indispensable knowledge for me in order to survive.

Have you ever been abused by a person who simply would not stop their abuse?

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