morning (animation)

Hand-illustrated and animated using Canva, this video follows a woman as she wakes up, practices yoga, gets dressed, and prepares her morning coffee.

the 16 most common reasons that lead to dissatisfaction in a relationship (short video)

In this video, I delve into the key issues that often disrupt harmony between partners. This video highlights recurring problems such as communication breakdowns, lack of trust, differing values, and unmet expectations. Through concise explanations, it provides a clear understanding of the factors that can erode a relationship over time. Designed to foster awareness, this video is a valuable resource for anyone looking to strengthen their connections and navigate relationship challenges more effectively.

schön&gut (intro)

I animated this logo with Canva.

schön&gut (short animation)

I created this animation, in which Schön&Gut’s fox is brought to life.

schön&gut (short animation)

I create and animate using Canva, integrating my skills as an illustrator to craft visually engaging and dynamic videos. In this animation, Schön&Gut’s charming crow is brought to life.

vienna’s 2nd district (video)

Join us for a quick dive into Vienna’s Second District, where we unveil how to explore European cities on a budget. This video is tailored for budget-conscious travelers seeking affordable ways to enjoy local sights and cuisine. Follow along as we map out a day of inexpensive travel and dining experiences, showcasing the best budget-friendly spots in this vibrant corner of Vienna. Perfect for anyone looking to maximize their travel experience without breaking the bank!

vienna (video)

Discover Vienna’s Twentysecond District on a budget. Follow along as we uncover the district’s hidden gems, charming cafes, and local hotspots—all while keeping costs in check.