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Guess what? No.

Your behavior means: No, never again.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


Joris, let me repeat this here because you certainly seem either too dumb to act normally, or you are ignoring me on purpose, which is not okay with me because this is unhealthy behavior.

No, we are not in a relationship and we will never be in a relationship again. Why? Because you did not cherish the relationship, you did not behave respectfully around me, and I have more important things to do than to pay attention to you or your priorities, which are not my priorities.

What happened today?

I was busy with other things and you tried to pull me off my own projects and priorities.

You then suggested I was not intelligent enough to work on my own blog and projects, without this being the case in reality. You tried to push yourself onto me by trying to tell me what I should blog about, what I should do, when I should do it, and you were projecting onto me instead of leaving me alone, as I have asked you to do.

Before you do something like this, please consider the impact this has on another person and the other person’s feelings.

Your actions have to align with what you want. If you wanted a relationship with me, like you have repeatedly claimed, you would have acted in alignment with this wish, which you didn’t.

Have you ever been coerced into communication with a person you said no to communicating with?

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