articles on china elevator stories

273. When yin and yang are mixed up

Relationships don’t work when yin and yang are mixed up.

272. When You Have Set (reasonable) Boundaries But They Have Been Ignored, The Problem Is Not You But The Other Person

Another boundary violation = another post.

271. i was not asking for too much​

Joris ist still violating my boundaries and has not stopped his abuse.

270. I did not get a hearing in the child custody trial

My appeal has been declined.

269. guess what, you are missing the point

You know you are dealing with a toxic person when everything you say is being ignored and changed to mean the opposite of what you are saying.

268. another boundary violation

= another post

267. child abuse

I thought that my children would be well taken care of but have found that they were not.

266. Stop Your Aggressive Behavior Towards Me

Joris still keeps violating my boundaries.

265. stop your threats

I repeat: You are a coward and I do not date somebody who acts the way you did.

264. when the perpetrator acts as though he is the victim

I have often encountered that a perpetrator will deny all guilt and then acts as though he is the victim of the real victim.

263. reactive abuse

Reactive abuse is what happens when a person is being provoked by another person until she explodes.

262. Did The Abuse Stop?

This is how the story unfolded.

261. hacking

I have had to deal with a lot of hacking.

260. if you can keep him out of your life, please do

If you know someone is a malignant narcissist, it is better to keep them out of your life than in it.

259. there are better ways

How about dating someone who is more suitable?

258. So You Thought You Would Keep Abusing Me

I have been abused by a German singer, who has also tried to silence me.

257. child custody ruling (appeal)

This is the English version of the child custody appeal.

256. how psychopathy may show in language

Certain speech patterns can give away that someone is a psychopath.

255. it would be easy for my chinese ex-husband to get away with murder and he knows this

In a legal sense, it would be difficult to sue my ex-husband for commissioning a murder.

254. the stalker at the café

The stalking didn’t end with my last post.

253. stop your harassment

The abuse I have suffered at the hands of malignant narcissists is horrible.

252. I repeat: leave me alone

Enough is enough.

251. leave me alone​

One ‘no’ is enough.