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An Inconspicuous Fruit Shop

I visit a fruit shop in Shenzhen often after working out at a gym.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I have recently started working out at a gym in Shenzhen. After the workouts, I crave fruits. 

I usually work out every second day after work and arrive at home really late in the evening. Exhausted from working out, you can often still find me in my small kitchen late at night, preparing fresh fruit juice. I don’t have a professional juicer and it takes a lot of work. 

It was during that time that I fell in love with a little fruit shop just down the street from our apartment for the service they offered.

When typhoon Usagi, the strongest typhoon in 2013 in Southeast China, hit Shenzhen, my husband didn’t want to go outside and called the fruit shop to ask if they also delivered fruits. We found out that they do not only sell fruits, but also have a delivery service. They’ll peel the fruits and cut them into pieces for only 1 Yuan extra (EUR 0.12).

If you buy the fruits at the shop, they can make fresh fruit juice for you, for just an extra 2 Yuan (EUR 0.25), a service I really appreciate.

Meet me at the fruit shop, my new favourite hangout.

Have you ever been delighted about the service you can get in China?