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I am Still Dealing With A Sociopath

Have you ever been used as a porn template by a man?


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


I have written about a narcissist (a sociopath) called Jakob Albrecht ( who has made my life a living hell by stalking me and harassing me sexually. He uses me as his daily porn template, which he also told me about.

What is a porn template, you may ask? When a man masturbates and either uses a picture or a video of you, or simply sees a picture of you in his mind, while imagining that the two of you are having sex, that is when you are being used as a porn template.

While a person who is not highly sensitive may not be aware this is happening to her, a person who is highly sensitive can often sense that something like this is going on.

I am by nature a Highly Sensitive Person and in my experience, the energy of a man masturbating on you can sometimes be felt energetically.

A few years ago, I met up with a woman in Vienna who is married to a Chinese man. It was summer and we met up to go swimming. She took a picture of me wearing a bikini. Her husband wasn’t present, but I assume she must have shown the picture to her husband later because a few days after we met up to go swimming, her husband’s sexual energy could be felt on my body energetically.

In my experience, (unwanted and/or repeated) dreams of a sexual nature can also be a sign of a man using you as his porn template. This means that if you are being used as a porn object he masturbates on, his intents of having sex with you or pictures of the two of you having sex may appear in your dreams.

When this happens, you may feel violated or abused.

As I see it, it doesn’t matter if a man masturbates imagining he is having sex with you (against your will) or if he tries to force you into having sex with him in real life when you have already made it clear you are not interested in having sex with him. Harassment is harassment, and this kind of behavior is still sexually abusive in nature.

The reason I mentioned this person’s name in this article is because this person’s
behavior and stalking has been so extreme that it has severely impacted my

A video about the seriousness of stalking

I have rejected his romantic advances about a thousand times. He has tried to push me into a relationship with him, and when I declined, he started to harass me and call me names, such as ‘a whore’, ‘a jew’, and ‘a parasite’.

He has also threatened he would kill me more times than I can count.

He has been using the internet as a way to stay anonymous, which has given him the protection of being able to harass another person without having to face any consequences for his behavior.

Have you ever had to deal with a sick person who used you as a porn template?