China Elevator Stories

“Won’t anyone steal the cows?”

I chat with a blind massage therapist in Siping.


Ruth Silbermayr-Song


I go to a massage place in Siping in January 2016 and chat with the blind massage therapist. We talk about cows in Austria and in China.

I tell him what I have observed: “The cows here are really slim.”
He replies: “They are, are cows in Austria bigger?”
I answer: “They are. They have a lot more meat on their bones and often live on mountains. They graze there all day long.”
He asks, surprised: “All on their own? Won’t anybody steal them if they just graze there?”
I tell him: “Not as far as I know, no.”

He looks incredulous at the fact that people don’t steal cows in Austria.

Have you ever heard about people stealing cows?