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“Diapers are bad for your baby’s pee-pee”

My cousin-in-law tells me I shouldn’t have my baby wear diapers.


Ruth Silbermayr-Song


It’s October 2014. My husband and I are in Changchun at my cousin-in-law’s place together with our baby son. His cousin’s wife watches us change diapers. Before we put on a clean diaper, she says: “Wait a while. Let his pee-pee get some air.”

She then asks me: “Do you always have him wear diapers?”
I say: “I do.”
She tells me: “Why don’t you try crotchless baby pants? We have some at home. I’ll get you one. Diapers are bad for his pee-pee. It might start to rot and fall off.”

Has anyone ever told you that diapers are bad for your baby?