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Pork tail – A Chinese delicacy not for kids

My husband prepares pork tail, a Chinese delicacy, during a stay in Austria.


Ruth Silbermayr
Ruth Silbermayr


It’s September 2014 and my husband, baby son and I stay in Austria. Whenever we go to the supermarket, my husband looks for groceries he can turn into Chinese dishes.

One day, he turns up with a pig’s tail. Pork tail is a delicacy in China. In Austrian supermarkets, pork tail is really cheap. When my husband prepares the pork tail, he tells our 2-month-old son: “You’re not allowed to eat this.”

When I ask him about the reason, he says: “That’s what parents tell their kids in China. A pig always moves its tail. We say that when children eat pork tail, they will constantly look back over their shoulders. Left and right, left and right.”

He then adds: “To be honest, parents probably just say that to their kids so they’ll have the best parts for themselves.”

Have you ever heard of this saying?